SBI ATM Card Daily Withdrawal Limit- 2023.

Do you want to know about the rules for SBI ATM card daily withdrawal limit for 2023? This guide explains everything you need to know, including how much you can withdraw each day.

Having a bank account means you have the facility of using ATM card services. It is quite a useful tool to get access to your account for transaction.

Be it a cash withdrawal from ATM across the world or cash deposit in local ATM. Apart from that, you can use it to transfer funds, purchase things online or pay your bills. The uses of an ATM card are many, but this article is designed to shed light on cash limit on card.

At present, State Bank of India issues 7 types of cards to its customers. The eligibility of these cards depend on the person’s monthly income. Accordingly, the transaction limit set on these cards also differ from one another.

If you have SBI Global International card, you can do daily cash withdrawal upto ₹40000 and if you have SBI Platinum International Debit card, then the cash withdrawal limit goes upto ₹2 lakhs per day.

SBI ATM Card Daily Withdrawal Limit

Find your card type below and see if you want to know the transaction limit of it. If you operate your card abroad, the amount which can be withdrawn will be foreign currency equivalent to your daily cash withdrawal limit.

Card TypeCash Transaction Daily LimitPoS Transaction Daily LimitOnline Transaction Daily Limit
SBI Global International Debit Card₹40000₹75000₹50000
SBI Gold International Debit Card₹50000₹200000₹50000
SBI Platinum International Debit Card₹100000₹200000₹50000
SBI Mumbai Metro Debit Card₹40000₹75000₹50000
SBI My International Debit Card₹40000₹75000₹50000
SBI IOCL Co-Branded Contactless Rupay Debit Card Global₹40000₹75000₹50000
SBI IOCL Co-Branded Contactless Rupay Debit Card Platinum₹40000₹200000₹50000
Electronic Card For Overdraft Account StandardNil₹75000₹50000
Electronic Card For Overdraft Account PlatinumNil₹200000₹200000
SBI Card Transaction Limit Per Day-2023


What is the SBI ATM Withdrawal Limit?

As we have discussed before, the SBI ATM withdrawal limit depends on the type of card you are using. Refer the chart to know exactly what your card can deliver you.

Any number of transaction can be done, but it has to be upto the limit only. Beyond that system will prompt you “Exceed Daily Withdrawal Limit”. You have to wait for the next day.

Can I Control My Card Transaction Limit?

Yes, you can control your card transaction limit. This option is awesome in limiting your account uses. It gives you more control on cash flow letting you do proper budgeting. Besides, its kind of security features bank has provided.

For example, if your card happens to be stolen, the feature might help in reducing the impact of financial loss that you might have incurred otherwise.

To use the service, either you can use online internet banking or visiting branch. Both ways, it can be done. Under internet banking lending page, you may find the option under e-services>Card management.

If you are looking for optimization of bank account, this card limit control is one of the area where you can leverage to streamline your cash flow.

Visiting branch, asking your branch to do the same. But in future if your want to change the limit, you can go either way- Online as well as offline..

How can I Increase My ATM Withdrawal Limit?

First see if you are eligible for higher variants of an ATM card. If you are using the lowest variant and your income is not under the eligibility criteria of higher variant. You may not be able to switch cards.

Otherwise, you can do it and get higher card limit benefit. Like switching from Global card to Gold card or from Gold card to Platinum.

Are there any Charges for ATM Withdrawals?

It depends on the type of card you are using. Some cards which come with Salary Package accounts are waived of normal charges as long as you use it in SBI ATM.

Otherwise, there is a limited number transaction you can do daily. It is between 4 to 6 numbers of transaction including cash withdrawal, cash deposit and fund transfer. Beyond that bank charge a nominal fee for each transaction.

These transaction will count even those transaction done in bank counter. you cash withdrawal and deposit through GCC- Green Channel Counter.

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